How it all started

In 2012 – the year of the bee – Deborah Post read Rudolph Steiner’s book The Bees. As she closed the last page of this book, she looked around and realised that what Steiner had predicted 100 years ago was now taking place. Namely: the extinction of bees through monoculture, grassland and agricultural poison.

Deborah felt she had to stand up for the bees (and, by extension, humans). She took an organic dynamic farming and beekeeping course to understand the problem of bees. And also got her first own hive at Op Hodenpijl that year. So she not only learnt ‘from paper’ how badly the bees were doing, but when her hive failed and died in the middle of summer while she thought everything was blooming. But everything was grass. That was also when she really felt that action was needed NOW.

1 km from Op Hodenpijl, work was underway on the (opening of) the new A4 Delft – Schiedam motorway. That was where Deborah sowed her first 6 hectares of wildflower verge for the bees. It took 1 year to get that done.

Deborah organised 13 Bee Dinners to get biodiversity higher on the agenda in the Netherlands, with administrators from ministries, provinces, Prorail, water boards, entrepreneurs, large companies, nature organisations. Felix Rottenberg was the moderator and the result is that the 1st A4 Delft-Schiedam Honey Highway project has been emulated throughout the Netherlands. A4 Honey Highway was realised in cooperation with Rijkswaterstaat, Province of South Holland, road builders and municipality of Midden-Delfland and became national news via NOS and Telegraaf. This was the start of Honey Highway.

Country estate op hodenpijl

Honey Highway is located at Op Hodenpijl. And that is no coincidence. This is the perfect place to introduce people to bees and what biodiversity has to offer. Besides, Op Hodenpijl also offers delicious organic food and Honey Highway can receive large groups of people in the church or outside on the estate.

our bees

Deborah QueenB – Initiator, champion for the bees and biodiversity

Elwira WannaB – Creates added value for brands, bee park designer

Arwin VerkennerB – Strategy

Peter WerkB – Soil/seed expert, field research

Ferry OpperB – Bee expert, education

Peronne Blover – Bee expert, education

Riany Bfriend – Bee expert, education

Jos OpperB – Courses

Firma Eijkelboom – Busy Bees tillage, maintenance