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N32 Leeuwarden FBTO Honey Highway

FBTO has sown 1 hectare of flower verge in spring 2022 in N32 Leeuwarden, the national highway around its headquarters. Over the next 5 years, FBTO wants to realise 1 -2 hectares of flower verge somewhere in the Netherlands. FBTO customers can vote where the new Honey Highway should be located.


A10 Amsterdam Accenture Honey Highway

Accenture Foundation wants to contribute to biodiversity in the Netherlands from its Sustainability objectives. By spring 2022, Accenture will have 1 hectare of flower verge on the A10 – Coentunnel. This will involve employees to learn about biodiversity and to be visibly and tangibly involved in increasing biodiversity, especially those in their twenties and thirties, who think it is important to see and experience what sustainable business is. On the Zuidas near Accenture’s offices, a vacant lot, Community Garden, has been sown with employees. Employees go here regularly to work in the garden and keep an eye on the flowers and bees.


A2 Utrecht

Ocean Outdoor, in cooperation with Honey Highway, realised an advertising mast/bees hotel with 1 hectare of flower verge on the A2 Utrecht motorway, opposite The Wall.

Rare wild bees were spotted here in the first year of flowering by an ecologist from the Utrecht municipality. See newspaper article.



MAMBU is a software company headquartered in Amsterdam. MAMBU has many expats working and from sustainability goals and connecting people with their environment, MAMBU has realised 1 hectare A10 on the Coentunnel in spring 2022.



Following in the footsteps of 4 hectares of flower borders in Aalsmeer, Dutch Flower Group and other companies at Trade Parc Westland have realised a first Bee Park with an area of 9,000m2, in autumn 2021. Employees from several companies spent days putting the perennials in the ground with great pleasure and quick visible results. Summer 2022, the first mini-excursion was given along the flowering plants, flowers, trees and bees, during Dutch Flower Group’s Sustainability Week.

a7 afsluitdijk

Joure Honey highway

In cooperation with Windpark Friesland, TenneT, Siemens Gamesa, Van Oord, Visser & Smit Hanab.