The wild bee population is declining because there isn’t enough food for them. The Netherlands is mostly just grass with not many flowers or different plants for bees to collect nectar from. Honey Highway is working to change that by creating areas with flowers for bees to live in. We are doing this by working together with company’s and governmental agencies to create bee parks and flower patches in unused areas like roadsides, industrial areas and company estate. Bees are important because they help pollinate our food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs. To make sure bees can keep doing their job, we need to make sure there are more types of flowering plants for them to feed on.

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Honey Highway works with major government agencies. Rijkswaterstaat, Provinces, water boards and Prorail, among others. They take their responsibility and cooperate fully with Honey Highway. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs and corporate companies have also discovered Honey Highway. Together we initiate and realize large projects for the bees.



Honey Highway has largely changed the mowing specifications of the Department of Public Works, provinces and municipalities to: mow after 1 July. And Honey Highway has already sown over 500,000m2 of biodiversity-rich flower verges. These verges are self-sustaining. The perennial native species bloom mainly in summer and late summer. This is when it is toughest for bees and insects to gather food to make overwintering possible. Read how we ensure biodiversity development in this download


Honey Highway provides field visits, soil analysis, instructions for the green space contractor (how to prepare the soil), coordination and implementation of a project, delivery of flower seed mixture adapted to the soil type and sowing and monitoring of the bee paradise.

In addition, Honey Highway handles communication, PR and education around all projects. We organise an opening with directors, employees and school children. We give presentations at corporate events and staff meetings. Furthermore, we give practical lessons on ‘Save the Bee’ to schoolchildren.

Besides flower verges and fields, Honey Highway also creates bee parks at business parks. These parks provide year-round flowering of flowers, perennials, shrubs and trees. A low-maintenance concept and therefore also inexpensive.

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